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Awarded No.1 for Outcomes in the North East of England

A big welcome to all of our new students, parents, families and colleagues, and to students returning into year 13 and 14.  What a wonderful start to a new term.  Lots of new faces, energy and enthusiasm, coupled with bright blue skies in early September.

The new year started with celebration, as we were named one of the top ten schools in the northeast press, and top for outcomes, amongst fierce competition.  At Durham Sixth Form Centre, our students also achieved excellent exam success.  Students once again achieved well above the latest Local Authority and National Averages in 3+A*-E and 2+A*-E measures in A-level or equivalent courses. Furthermore, over ¼ of our students achieved 3+A*-B and ½ achieved 2+A*-B A-level grades or equivalent.

We are also delighted that, once again, well over ¾ of our year 13 students not only progressed into higher education and university, but well over ¾ of them also achieved their first choice. Students who decided to go onto apprenticeships have done so with equal success. This is a tremendous accomplishment and achievement by all of our students and staff.  Well done - all of the hard work and effort was worth it.

From such a fantastic start, and  after over 100 years in education, we are now looking forward to beginning our journey into the next 100 years, and the new academic year, which I am delighted to say will also bring with it lots of new and exciting opportunities and challenges for our students.

I look forward to reporting further on our achievements throughout the year, but in the mean time, why not read our round-up below.

Ellen Beveridge


Ellen Beveridge and Durham Sixth Form Centre Students

News Round-up from the 2013/14 Academic Year

Durham Sixth Form Centre - News 2013-14 Durham Sixth Form Centre - News 2013-14
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